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Historical Timeline

Henry Schumacher purchased the land in 1863 for $600. 

Construction of the church began in 1866 and it was dedicated by Bishop Juncker in 1867. The congregation was originally established in 1846, and was first located in a log cabin in the northwest corner of the block. 

The congregation spent 7 years building the new church themselves with donated lumber and stone. 

In 1874, the first church building was converted into a school, and the Ursuline Sisters of Kentucky were given control.  

1904: In 1904 the church underwent some remodeling with improvements including the installation of an electric generator to power the tower clock and provided lighting on the main alter.

In 1909, an addition was made that doubled the size and included a brick nave. Because of a difference in color of the brick, it was necessary to stucco the exterior which gave it the appearance of stone.  The building has since been returned to the original brick.

The building had a fire in the rectory in 1927 and lost all records, blue prints and the cemetery records.

The church underwent remodeling in 1927.

In 1946, the new parish celebrated their church centennial.

Church renovations complete and Main Street Abbey opens as wedding & event venue